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Dave Letterman advises Seth Meyers on new name for 'Late Night'


Entertainment Tonight.

As Seth Meyers prepares to take over "Late Night" next year, which David Letterman once hosted, the veteran host offered one major pointer to the "Saturday Night Live" star.

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"The Late Show" host started out his late-night career in 1982 as the follow-up to Johnny Carson, but prior to Letterman's arrival, "Late Night" went by another name. Due to legal reasons that no longer apply the name had to be changed, but now Letterman thinks it's time to revert back to the original title.

"When we took over the show years ago, it was called 'The Tomorrow Show,'" Letterman explained. "So you had the 'Today' show, 'The Tonight Show' and 'The Tomorrow Show' ... Why don't you just change it back? I would love it if it was 'The Tomorrow Show.'"

"I wish we talked yesterday. We just printed the mugs," joked Seth.

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