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First look at Bieber's 'Believe' movie

6/17/2014 Entertainment Tonight.
First look at Bieber's 'Believe' movie © AP / Justin Bieber First look at Bieber's 'Believe' movie

Entertainment Tonight.

Justin Bieber's second documentary "Believe" seems to be a far cry from his first flick. While "Never Say Never" focused on the "Baby" singer's grassroots journey to fame, this new movie has Bieber hell-bent on showing he's all grown up and taking matters into his own hands.

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"When you reach a certain point in your life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall," Bieber, 19, says in the trailer. "Rather than letting gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and fly." 

Director Jon Chu told MTV News: "I think it's a great representation of what our movie is. I think a lot of people don't know what this movie is. What more story can you tell of the Justin Bieber story? And there's so much that has happened this year and last year, building the tour and his personal life, that we get to delve into. And you get to see the truth."

Chu, who also directed "Never Say Never," added, "It's beyond headlines and blog posts of speculation. This is the truth of what I saw and what I know of him, as well as from his own mouth of what he's been experiencing, and I think that's a compelling story to tell. That's why I wanted to jump in again."

"Believe" hits theaters Christmas Day.

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