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Katy Perry and John Mayer are still together and 'getting serious'

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It looks like the only person not turned off by John Mayer's unsavory and unsettling Santa pose was Katy Perry. On Friday, the surprisingly still-together twosome indulged in Italian food and PDA at Los Angeles restaurant Osteria Mozza. Katy, 28, and John, 35, emerged from the eatery holding hands (left), which proves the doll-faced popster is both smitten and has a low embarrassment reflex. If we were her, our natural inclination would be to pretend not to know the guy in the ugly boots and vaguely unseemly necklace. This latest outing follows a romantic trip to New York, some holiday good deeds and a Christmas reportedly spent together with Perry's family in Santa Barbara. So, does this mean the former caddish wooer of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift is turning over a new, less icky leaf with Katy, whom he hooked up with last June, split from in August and reconciled with soon after?"When John falls, he falls hard," an insider tells People, which believes they're "getting serious." The reason they click, adds a Mayer confidant, is that the crooner "is kind and quirky, emotional and deep, with a great sense of humor. Katy is similar in a lot of ways."While "deep" isn't the word we would choose to describe a guy who coined the phrase "sexual napalm," John's apparent chemistry with the onetime Mrs. Russell Brand doesn't mean they're taking a shortcut to Commitment-ville. "Neither one is rushing into anything," cautions the source. "It's a real relationship just taking its course."Check out that course by clicking on for more pics ...
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