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Lindsay Lohan denies hitting nightclub after cutting plea deal

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 14

Judging by her heavy-lidded appearance in court on Monday morning, Lindsay Lohan could really use a good night's sleep. But that would be the adult thing to do, and as we've learned, the last thing LiLo likes to do is act like a grown-up.TMZ says that mere hours after the recidivist starlet, 26, accepted a plea deal that will cost her 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility, she headed to a Los Angeles hot spot.Paparazzi photographed a person identified as Lindsay sitting in the back of an SUV outside AV nightclub. She reportedly spent several minutes ducking the judgmental glare of the cameras by hiding under a blanket. TMZ says she eventually gave up, and the vehicle drove away without anyone exiting. But Lohan, who has long and storied history of deflecting responsibility for her actions, insists that she wasn't the one undercover in an SUV emblazoned with the logo of her patron-slash-private plane provider, energy drink mogul Mr. Pink. "Guys relax, that was NOT me at A/V or in the Mr. Pink SUV," she tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. "I'm taking this seriously and focused on the road ahead."Linds insists that contrary to all laws of nature, she "stayed in last night, after a pretty long day...and ordered sushi to my hotel. … Don't believe EVERY little thing you hear, unless you hear it from me. The support I have gotten has been great and means alot."Click on for LiLo's many sad, sleepy faces in court ...
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