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Mark Sullivan delivers action-paced thriller

6/13/2014 By JEFF AYERS

"Rogue" (Minotaur Books), by Mark Sullivan

He grew up in a gang of thieves on the streets of Buenos Aires and became a top agent in the CIA. Now Robin Monarch has become a fugitive in Mark Sullivan's action-packed thriller, "Rogue."

The CIA director and his assistant believe Monarch abandoned a mission and his team. His team believes he's dead. Monarch decides to starts a new life as a security consultant. He even has a wealthy girlfriend he adores. They stumble on an assassination attempt after dinner one evening. Monarch ends up saving the life of a Russian mobster. Now, the grateful criminal has a job for Monarch that will require him to get his team back together.

Monarch wanted to leave the agency, but his skills and knowledge of how the CIA operates force him to play or die.

Robin Monarch is a great character that readers will embrace. His attitude and gruffness make him neither all good nor all evil, just human. The other characters are a bit thin, but that's not necessarily a bad thing considering the cinematic scope of the action.

Sullivan has been delivering quality action thrillers for some time. He's started writing with James Patterson, but readers will hope that he'll find time to write another Monarch book.

Comparisons to Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne series are justified.



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