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Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and more stars who recycle fashion

By Jessica Wedemeyer Slide 1 of 20

Most normal human beings can get away with wearing the same outfit literally hundreds of times, but it's an entirely different matter for celebrities, who are expected to constantly update their wardrobes. Still, not all stars adhere to this strict fashion rule. Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Duchess Kate and more have been known to wear the same outfits as many as two or three times! Keep clicking to check out a few celebs who've been caught recycling fashion.RELATED:Transformed reality-TV starsNo, you didn't suffer a head injury. Nicole Richie really did wear the exact same outfit -- down to the accessories! -- three times in 2010. To make matters worse, Nicole wore this uniform (print skirt, denim jacket, black scarf, black tights, aviator sunglasses, moccasin booties and a Balenciaga bag) to the same place -- a traffic school in Los Angeles -- over the course of just two months. At least she looks cute!
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