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NTW - Icona Pop


Icona Pop, 'This Is ... Icona Pop'
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Pay attention, future pop stars: This Swedish duo's career trajectory is a case study of how a monster hit can ruin a promising young band. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo formed their band in 2009 and had a minor hit with "Manners," a glitchy, petulantly defiant kiss-off to a not-all-there lover. But then the yelly, boisterous "I Love It" became a monster hit, rising up the charts — and into countless movie trailers and other commercials — slowly enough that it could very conceivably be called the song of the summer for 2012 and 2013. The group's first album is stuffed with shout-along attempts to catch that hit single's magic a second time. There are a few anthemic successes ("Girlfriend," an ode to sororal togetherness, which lifts its main melody from Tupac Shakur's '90s hit "Me and My Girlfriend"), but most of the album sounds too much like it was made expressly so the duo could shake the one-hit-wonder tag. Ironic, because its sameness will probably doom its fate. - M.J.

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