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NTW - Polvo


Polvo, 'Siberia'
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Guitar crunch and sideways approaches to time signatures have defined this Chapel Hill skronk-rock band, which got back together in 2008 after a 10-year hiatus. "Siberia" continues along this line, blending chugging tempos with guitar artistry that's as virtuosic as it is tightly controlled. The slow-burn "Old Maps" and the biting "Light, Raking" have progression but are too precisely crafted to be considered "prog." Meanwhile, "The Water Wheel" opens with riffage that sounds exiled from Main Street, perhaps because it resists staying put: The familiar chords slowly become entangled with other guitar sounds until the base material is nearly unrecognizable. The band's ability to deftly reposition rock's basic building blocks make "Siberia" a quality listen, and it shows why Polvo are still vital some 23 years after their first 7-inch came out. - M.J.

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