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We reflect on the prolific but understated career of funnyman Paul RuddBy Kim MorganSpecial to MSN MoviesPaul Rudd should be a superstar. Yes, we movie lovers all know who Paul Rudd is, but some of us feel like it's taken him far too long to become a leading man, even as his breakout picture, "Clueless," proved he could be one. He always comes off as a secret weapon, a scene-stealer, that refreshing moment in sometimes mediocre movies. Truly, he's never, ever bad. From "Wet Hot American Summer" to "The Shape of Things," he's consistently stellar. The guy works hard but makes everything look so easy -- and that is not easy. In his next "leading man" role, he stars alongside Tina Fey (perfect) in "Admission," with Fey playing a Princeton University admissions officer and Rudd running an alternative high school. The movie sounds promising, but even if it's so-so, Rudd (and Fey) are always worth watching. And, again, it's nice to see him in such a potentially plum part, though Rudd fans will watch him in anything. As they saying goes: "There are no small parts, only small actors." Rudd is certainly not small, he's, well (if you catch my reference), Sex Panther! Here are 12 of our favorite Rudd roles.Bing: More about Paul Rudd | More on 'Admission'Which is your favorite Paul Rudd movie? Tell us on MSN Movies on Facebook."Admission" is out in theaters March 22.(DreamWorks/Paramount/Universal Studios/Universal Pictures)
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