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Sean Penn grocery shops with Charlize Theron, gets butt patted

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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn continue to roll out their romance with the precision of a military operation. After weeks of increasingly lovey-dovey outings, they opted for a happy family photo op on Wednesday by stopping into a Whole Foods outpost in Los Angeles with the actress's 2-year-old son, Jackson. As Charlize, 38, filled the cart with healthy vittles, Sean, 53, kept the adorable tot entertained by making funny faces (given that the star's skin resembles Cheeto-stained, weathered leather, his faces might have been more frightening than funny to Jackson). The ornery, Oscar-winning father of two also carried grocery bags and pushed the shopping cart.But the trip wasn't all G-rated: As they loaded the groceries into Theron's SUV, she gave Penn's posterior a friendly pat (be sure to click on to see the pic).The food run follows weeks of increasingly couple-like behavior from the longtime friends. A holiday party sighting segued into an end-of-year getaway to actor's home in Hawaii. Then came sleepovers, coffee runs and date nights, including a PDA-centric appearance at a Penn-hosted charity gala, where he announced how "a strong woman who happens to be from South Africa" had persuaded him to destroy the 65 guns he has "in the continental United States."And during the gala, they both just happened to drop declarations of adoration into the famously indiscreet ear of Piers Morgan ("She's a keeper, that's for sure," Penn was quoted as telling Morgan. "Well, I'll do my best to keep her anyway!").Click on for more photos of Charlize and Sean's Whole Foods run, including the butt pat, along with more pics of them together …
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