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Stephen Colbert Is Ready for Snow Rep. Trey Radel's Coke (Video)


By Tony Maglio

The holidays are upon us, and Stephen Colbert is ready for the winter wonderland to return. "Speaking of snow: cocaine," the comedian said on Wednesday night's "Colbert Report."

Colbert was disappointed to learn that Florida Congressman and Tea Party stalwart Trey Radel pleaded guilty to buying the drug from an undercover cop. Apparently Radel missed the historical Tea Party memo about dumping your product in the harbor before the feds arrive, Colbert joked.

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But if Radel no longer serves the public, Colbert's conservative nation is the real victim. "Personally I hate to lose a congressman so fiscally conservative that I'm sure he snorted his blow through a $1 bill," the  host said.

But Radel is not resigning. When Colbert heard the update, he had one question: "What is he, high?"

Watch the video:

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