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Tabloid talk: Tom Cruise hooking up with Katie Holmes <i>and</i> co-star's sister?

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Tom Cruise is about to hit theaters with "Jack Reacher," so color us unsurprised that he's once again topping the tabloids. Depending on which source you believe (read: none of them), the actor is either irresistible to his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, or he's irresistible to the hot sister of a recent co-star.Let's start with Star and its "Tom &amp; Katie Sleeping Together" cover. According to the tab, the divorced duo "reignited passions" during a recent meet-up in New York, where the actress now lives with 6-year-old daughter Suri."They've barely talked since she left him in June, and it turns out her physical attraction to him is still strong," alleges a source, seemingly without laughing. "So one thing led to another and led to something that a lot of ex-spouses do when they're alone together!"Leaving aside the small matter that photos from recent years show little to no evidence of Tom and Katie's supposed "passions," the tab also tosses out the possibility that Holmes, who extricated herself from Cruise's Scientology-infused influence with military precision, could end up celebrating Christmas at his vacation home in Telluride, Colo.And what of that mystery blonde featured at the bottom of Star's cover, the one "Katie doesn't know about"? According to the London Sun, the baby-faced beauty is Jennifer Akerman, the little sister of Cruise's "Rock of Ages" co-star, Malin Akerman.Tom, 50, supposedly chatted Jennifer up during a post-premiere shindig last week in Sweden, and they "hit it off naturally."Naturally, we were dubious about both these two tabloid tales, so we reached out for comment."Made up entirely," Cruise's rep assures Wonderwall.As for Akerman, "The whole thing is completely ridiculous," a source adds to E! News. "She happily lives with her boyfriend in L.A. … She is barely older than Suri!"Click on for more photos of the former TomKat …
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