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The Shortlist for June 28

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Martha Stewart admits to sexting, hints she had a threesomeYeah, you read that right. Martha Stewart dropped by "Watch What Happens Live" this week, where she participated in a segment called "Did Martha Do It?" Topics of discussion included drugs, sex and traffic violations. Here's what we learned: Martha Stewart has never taken a hit of acid, had a lesbian affair or gone to a strip club. Martha has, however, had a one-night stand, talked her way out of a speeding ticket, sent racy sext messages and "maybe" had a threesome. (What happens in minimum security, white collar prison, stays in minimum security, white collar prison, y'all.)The so-called domestic diva also addressed Paula Deen-gate: "I feel sorry for Paula Deen," she said, according to The Daily News. "She's a public figure. And I know you have to be extremely careful being a public figure." But then, you also have to be careful with butter and sugar when you're diabetic, now, don't you?RELATED: Best TMI tweets
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