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The Shortlist for March 12

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Sharon Stone's Ex-Maid Sues Over FiringSound familiar? That's because this isn't the first time one of Sharon Stone's former minions has retaliated for perceived mistreatment with legal action. Angelica Castillo is suing Stone on grounds that she was fired unfairly after sustaining a back injury on the job and being forced to continue working for months despite doctor-ordered bed rest, TMZ reports. When Castillo, who claims she was denied a medical leave to recover, told Stone she was still suffering pain four months after the injury, Stone allegedly called her "crazy and stupid," according to Radar. She was soon fired. In 2010, a former nanny sued Stone, alleging that she'd made discriminatory comments about the nanny's Filipino heritage, even going as far as to instruct her not to speak to the children she was caring for because Stone didn't want them to "speak like" the nanny.
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