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The Shortlist for March 14

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Justin Bieber gets a Banksy tattoo -- and a Hollywood haterJustin Bieber's growing list of infractions -- which at last count included a DUI arrest, possibly racially charged graffiti of a monkey, egg vandalism, an alleged brothel visit and some impressively childish deposition behavior -- is not making him too many friends these days. Seth Rogen, for one, sounded off on the Biebs' downward spiral of bad behavior on "Watch What Happens Live" this week, calling the popster a "piece of" you-know-what, a comment he previously made on Twitter."He's obnoxious and ungrateful and unsincere [sic] and he puts people's lives in danger," said Rogen.Bieber, meanwhile, seems to be drowning his problems in body art. On Thursday, he tweeted -- then deleted -- a photo of his left arm, which is newly adorned with an image yanked from a famous Banksy painting of a little girl holding her arm out towards a balloon. While we hope the Biebs checked with Banksy before stealing his image, maybe we should all just be relieved he didn't opt to immortalize the aforementioned monkey ...
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