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The Shortlist for Oct. 9

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Rihanna slammed over insensitivity for quoting Kanye WestAfter being photographed in Auckland while standing by a window wearing just a towel, Rihanna shared the image on Instagram, griping, "I hate these ['N'-words] more than the Nazi [sic]." Perhaps noting the hypocritical nature of her tweet, a number of her followers called RiRi out on the comparison. "You hate some people who snap a few photos more than people who killed six million," clarified one follower. "When you're standing in the window in the view of people, don't blame paparazzi for doing their job," another wrote. "Quit being a brat."Thing is, Rihanna didn't come up with the metaphor to begin with: the line is a lyric from Kanye West's "Flashing Lights."
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