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The Shortlist for Sept. 25

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Taylor Swift hangs out backstage with injured 7-year-old Grace MarkelWhile heading out to see her idol, Taylor Swift, last month in Columbia, Mo., 7-year-old Grace Markel was hit by a speeding car. She ended up hospitalized after suffering multiple head injuries and severe road rash all over her body, a horrible ending to what should have been a perfect night.On Sept. 21, though, Grace finally got to see Taylor in concert -- and then some. When the family arrived at the Nashville, Tenn., venue for the show, they were surprised to find that Swift had arranged for them to go backstage before the concert. "Taylor greeted Grace by her name and immediately knelt down and hugged her. She told Grace she had a cold and asked Grace to sing extra loud to help her out," Grace's mother, Amy, told People, adding that, "[The meeting] was just a warm and genuine exchange that made it feel like time has stopped. It was just the two of them."Before they parted ways, Swift signed Grace's T-shirt, writing, "I heart Grace! Taylor." Grace later summed up the experience by reporting to People that Swift is "nice and tall and pretty."It was the last day of Swift's Red tour; after the show, she tweeted, "To Nashville, and all the crowds we played for in 66 cities .. in sickness and in health, I will love you forever."
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