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Tinsel Talk: What Makes Me Mad

By Katie Mathewson with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer, Stacie Anthony, Paris Hampton, Gena Oppenheim and Heather Newgen Slide 1 of 14

Everyone in our office is talking about March Madness and even though we've admittedly been obsessing over our brackets, the sports craze got us thinking ... what makes celebs mad? So, we asked! And boy, did they have a lot to say. Click ahead to see their surprising answers!RELATED:Celebs looking angry"People who turn on their phones during movies. It makes me furious. Or pull out their phones at the table. I'll say something like, 'Hey, so, we could do that later, why don't we just talk right now?' but that's as aggressive as I get. I've heard of the idea of people requesting that all phones be put in a basket at the beginning of a meal by the front door. I like that idea." --Ginnifer Goodwin
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