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What's the story behind Reese's downward-gazing mug shot?

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Details continue to emerge from Reese Witherspoon's jaw-dropping arrest in Atlanta early Friday morning, when she was busted for disorderly conduct during husband Jim Toth's DUI incident. In addition to a grainy video that shows the Oscar winner looking calm as she's led out of a police vehicle in handcuffs, the moody, indie-movie feel and downcast gaze in her fuzzy mug shot have been explained."She was wobbly," a police source within the Atlanta Department of Corrections tells People. "She didn't need help walking, but she wasn't at a point where we could get a really clear picture." Reese, who fessed up that she'd "clearly had one drink too many," apparently wasn't feeling her best when her least fun photo shoot ever took place. The insider says several images were snapped, and the one released was the best of the lot."On another picture, she sort of bent down at the waist and we got the top of her head," relays the spy. "She wasn't being difficult or rude, but her motor skills weren't what they needed to be." The lack of a clear shot has some questioning whether the police were starstruck, a circumstance that presumably would make Witherspoon feel a wee bit better given that she reportedly huffed to the arresting officer, "Do you know my name? … You're about to find out who I am." Atlanta criminal defense attorney Peter Odom tells the magazine, "You can't look down in the photograph. The whole point of a mug shot is for identification purposes. To my knowledge, there is no exception to this rule." What's more, continues the lawyer, "When someone is in custody, there isn't a lot of personal space. They will grab your head and move it into the right position to get the right mug shot. But in this case, protocol was definitely not followed." Does it matter? Click on to find out and to see a blurry photo of Reese in handcuffs ...
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