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Majora's Mask- Open Debug Menu on Japanese VC with Soar Index 73

I worked together with Faschz and MrCheeze to research the text overflow trick. All three of us found the concepts to make this possible. This works on the Wii U version of the game, so you can give yourself any items, masks, boss remains, songs, and more. You need a 2 character filename for this to work. At 6:00, you need to wait for the bomb to explode to play Song of Soaring. At 6:09 I misspoke, I meant 11 instead of 12. I improved the setup to remove the frame perfect part: Prerequisites: -2 Letter Filename (I used "AA") -Hit Hidden Owl -Song of Soaring -At least 7 bombs -1 Deku Nut Steps: -Enter Deku Palace and get caught by guards anywhere (except during the Sonata cutscene) -Get past the guards without talking to them -Enter the right room, then pull a bomb -Unload the room before the bomb explodes -Re-enter and collect ONLY those 3 rupees -Shoot a deku bubble, then before it pops, pull a bomb. Pull 2 more bombs and drop them. Unload the first bomb on the correct frame of its timer. -Play Inverted Song of Time 6 Times (Mash A through the cutscene or it will not count) -Go over to the corner. Instant shield-drop 2 bombs and shoot a deku bubble before they explode. -Go back to the corner facing the other wall and instant shield drop another bomb and throw a deku nut before it explodes -Put the map screen cursor on the R button for Soar Index 11. -Play Song of Soaring then press B on the soar menu. -Pause and scroll the cursor to the right once for Soar Index 12. -Repeat this until Soar Index 73. -Play Song of Soaring with Soar Index 73 then press A on the Soar menu to open the debug menu and save menu. -Press B or L to close the Bomber's Notebook -The D-pad will move the cursor, the C buttons will change the values, and the A button will save the game -Make sure you quickly reset after saving or the game will crash Translated Debug Menu:
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