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Nintendo's NES Super Mario Bros conversion hits the Commodore 64!

This is it! Certainly not a hack from Giana Sisters (because that has horrible jump controls for a start and doesn't really feel like a Mario game from the NES even on Amiga Giana) so here it is for NTSC/PAL C64 or 128 7 years later. This is a game I've only played a few times ever on the NES but it does feel like the NES control and inertia to me which fans will love. Looks and sounds like the NES version too as well too. When playing the game you don't notice some slight slowdown (heard in the pitch of the music) that you do when watching the video so you have to remember that too. The PAL C64 version has less slowdown and faster response than NTSC Pet's Rescue on Plus/4 too. You can run it on a 128 for that final bit of speed boost, probably the best way to play it...C128D and Zipstick I would say. Jesus may be dead on the cross in April but Mario is alive and kicking on the C64 it would seem :o) I have previously tried to show SMB should be possible on the C64 in a video nearly 18 months ago using real VIC-II graphics and SID soundtrack too Happy ending for Super Mario Bros fans who are also Commodore computer fans then! So that sole video was followed up 2 years later with actual code and finished game. I never said it was not going to happen, surprised it did. Not surprised by the dickish attitude of some Lemon64 people though, nothing changes lol I personally thought it probably was doomed to development hell like Exitof99's Gauntlet VIC-20 project and the video was too poor quality to call either way. A lot of Commodore to NES owners will love it! Let's face it, if after 5 years you've only seen one poor quality video and don't know any of the people involved you assume like the other 99 projects in this situation it would remain quiet forever. Some history on this hot potato with the original sole video where comments and theories on the source hardware of the low resolution/bitrate original video are posted.... Later did some digging to see that either way whatever you think of that video it certainly is surprisingly close to being within the capabilities of the VIC-II and SID custom chips inside the Commodore 64 in another video..... And of course for those with Commodore PLUS/4 computers at Xmas we got the very Super Mario-esque Pets Rescue upload video I told all NES SMB fans to go check out.....
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