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14 Actually Tasty Whiskeys Under $25

Men's Journal Logo By G. Clay Whittaker of Men's Journal | Slide 1 of 15: Close-up two men clinking glasses of whiskey drink alcohol beverage together at counter in the pub

14 Actually Tasty Whiskeys Under $25

Affordable whiskey sounds contradictory these days, with some new players on the block charging outrageous prices like $120 for a 2-year-old rye, and managing to get it. But while the outlook isn’t good from the newer brands, and while the taxes on imports might be rising, there are still some bargains out there.

We scoured the market for good, affordable whiskey fit for your budget, and put together a list of some of the best whiskeys under $25 that you can buy right now. From Buffalo Trace and Four Roses to versatile bargain bottles that you can sip neat or add to your favorite Old Fashioned or Manhattan, there’s a ton of options that you can easily find when you’re shopping at your favorite liquor shop or grocery store.

And the best part: It’s easy to stick to a low budget without sacrificing the great flavor and quality you expect in a pour. Like one? Get a case. You’ll still pay less for that than you would for single bottles of some of our other favorites. That’s value you can’t put a price on.

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