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I Thought Single-Use Coffee Pods Were Fast and Easy. But I Was Missing Out on Amazing Coffee.

The Daily Beast logo The Daily Beast 10/30/2020 Emily Latimer
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Before the COVID-19 lockdown measures, my coffee ritual was about as quick and dirty as you could get. I was always running out the door to class, to an appointment, or to meet friends, and I wanted coffee as quickly as possible. My trusty single-use coffee pods allowed me to have an espresso in under one minute at the press of a button. But a few months into the pandemic, my coffee just wasn’t tasting the same. I drank so much of it over the self-isolation period that I’d become immune to the once-incredible flavor. It now seemed lifeless and dull.

I decided to seek out a more artisanal and intentional coffee ritual and make it a part of my daily morning routine. I’ve used a French Press in the past, but I hated washing the filter and dealing with messy grinds. After searching for more handcrafted coffee experiences, I landed on the Hario v60 coffee dripper. Despite its highbrow reputation, it is deceptively simple to brew coffee using a pour over setup. I can make a perfect cup in about three minutes.

This method is a relaxing and individual process. It forces me to slow down and focus on what I’m doing. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to be more mindful and intentional about how I live, and my coffee routine is another part of that. It’s soothing to grind the beans by hand, scooping them into the paper filter, shaking them level, and pouring the first bit of hot water from my gooseneck coffee kettle. (Seriously, don’t skip the gooseneck kettle. It’s cathartic to pour, and really charming! You can even get electric ones that have temperature presets.)

The pour over method is great for someone who wants complete control over the brewing extraction process and wants to change up their daily coffee routine. Also, the result is a delicious cup of coffee with a depth of flavor that’s difficult to achieve with the press of a button.

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