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Offset Spatulas Are My Sandwich Secret Weapon—Here's Why

Food & Wine logo Food & Wine 1/21/2022 Jonathan Bender

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If you have baked more than one cake, you get to a point where you realize you want your cakes to look better. This is not a judgment—I have made lopsided cakes and flat cakes and chocolate cakes that look like they were frosted with a fork. It happens. It will happen again. 

You've probably tried to smooth frosting with the side of a butter knife or the spatula you use for pancakes, but you're not going to get the results you want. If you're looking to make more polished frosted cakes in half the time, it's probably time to buy an offset spatula. 

The Wilton 13-Inch Icing Spatula is a favorite of mine and is under $7 on Amazon right now. The stainless steel spatula has a rounded end and an angled, plastic handle that keeps your hand from dragging through frosting. It also easily fits beneath a chicken cutlet that you want to flip or around the edges of a pan of sticky cinnamon rolls. Why not just use a butter knife like my father did before me? I could, but I'd also find myself tearing away crumbs of cake and spending endless minutes trying to smooth out an edge. The spatula is infinitely easier.

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To buy: Wilton 13-Inch Icing Spatula, $7 (originally $8) at

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If this was only about cakes, I might tell you to stick with the butter knife (and say a small prayer for your cake adventures); but offset spatulas can do so much more. There's a reason that pastry chef Jessica Maher uses one every day. Offset spatulas are perfect for spreading peanut butter on sandwiches (the larger-bladed Wilton icing spatula can reach the bottom of a Costco-sized jug) and hummus on veggie wraps. 

I use the flat, thin blade of my offset spatula to help free loaves of bread from a pan fresh out of the oven, flip a tricky pancake, and spread cream cheese on a bagel. But I'm not the only one smitten with the Wilton Icing Spatula. It has more than 8,800 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, who have found nearly as many uses from making lasagna to spreading soil in a seed tray

"Love these angled spatulas," wrote one shopper. "They're great for flipping omelettes—you can fold and flip the entire thing at once. This one seems very nicely made and was very inexpensive. Good for frosting cakes, too. Nice tool to have in the kitchen." 

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Adding a Wilton Icing Spatula to your kitchen arsenal won't just improve your cake game, it will come in handy when you're making lunch and dinner too. Take the leap and meet your new favorite. Shop Amazon right now and score your offset spatula while it's on sale. 

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