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Soup Lovers Tell Daily Meal What They Think Is The Best Canned Soup Brand

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Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal for a night in or something to warm you up on a cold Winter's day, grabbing a can of soup is always a good idea. With so many options, like chunky chicken noodle, savory beef stew, or creamy mushroom cheddar soup, there's bound to be a canned soup to satisfy your tastebuds. And bonus -- they usually last for a few years (per USDA). But, we do understand that when facing the cans of soup on grocery store shelves, the variety can be overwhelming. 

All of those different flavors, strains, and textures aside, there are just so many different brands of canned coups to peruse. Per the imarcGroup, the canned soup industry is worth almost $11 billion dollars and is growing every year, meaning even more options are coming. So to help narrow them down for your next soup night, we had some soup lovers weigh in on what they think is the best canned soup brand.

Campbell's Takes The W For Best Soup Brand

Two people look at Campbell soup paintings © Luke W. Choi/Shutterstock Two people look at Campbell soup paintings

We had 567 Americans complete a survey to figure find out which soup brand is best. And the votes are in. Coming in at number one is the popular soup brand Campbell's with 38.10% of the vote. The iconic brand has been taking the soup, and art, worlds by storm for the last 150 years per its website. From popular classic flavors like Tomato and French Onion, to its Chunky Spicy line, there's something for everyone.

In a close second place for the best canned soup brand is Progresso, with 36.33% of participants choosing it. According to the company's website, a pull for many loyal customers might be that Progresso boasts a long list of health benefits like antibiotic-free chicken, no GMOs, and a variety of high-quality ingredients. 

Coming in third for best soup brand, we have Amy's Kitchen with 11.29% of voters liking it best. In business since 1987, this family-owned brand boasts a wide variety of organic options for any kind of sup lover (per Amy's). Other contenders for best soup brand include Annie's, which brought in 8.11% of the votes, and Rao's with 6.17%. Clearly, there are a lot of options, but soup lovers have spoken -- and they say you can't beat a classic.

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