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This Is the Most Expensive McDonald’s Big Mac in the World

Reader's Digest logo Reader's Digest 11/14/2018 Sam Benson Smith
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Fast food has only a few prerequisites: speed, edibility, and a low cost. And when it comes to being inexpensive, McDonald’s revolutionized the game with their invention of the 'Dollar Menu' in 2002.

But, naturally, prices and participation may vary. For example, if you want a McLobster, you’d have to head to New England sometime in the summertime. And if you want to pay almost seven bucks for a Big Mac, you go to Switzerland. Don’t miss these things McDonald’s employees won’t tell you

Switzerland has the highest average McDonald’s Big Mac price in the world, with an average transaction of $6.54 USD equivalent. However, this isn’t due to old Ronald McDonald having some sort of Swiss bias, it just follows the trend; Switzerland happens to have one of the highest overall costs of living in the world.  

According to The Economist’s 2018 Big Mac Index, these are the five most expensive countries to procure a Big Mac as of July 2018:

  1. Switzerland ($6.54)
  2. Sweden ($5.83)
  3. United States ($5.51)
  4. Norway ($5.22)
  5. Canada ($5.07)

If you’re looking to save a few bucks by scooping up the world’s cheapest Big Mac, you’re going to have to trek from the store’s first location in Illinois all the way to Egypt ($1.75).  Still hungry for some more McDonald’s Big Mac trivia? 

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