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This Super Popular Menu Item Is Leaving Chipotle Earlier Than Planned

Eat This, Not That! logo Eat This, Not That! 10/26/2021 Steven John
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Nearly a year ago, Chipotle upgraded its menu with a brand new meat option that was kicked off as a test in two select markets. That meat was brisket, and it was an immediate hit with customers in Sacramento and Cincinnati that got to try it first.

By the time the brisket arrived at Chipotle restaurants nationwide this past September excitement was piqued and soon the praises were rolling in. Fans tweeted comments like "That brisket at Chipotle is different. Please go bless yourselves," and "Chipotle owe[s] me a check for the way I been endorsing this brisket."

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Professional reviewers were also largely enamored with the new meat. "I'm telling you [the brisket] will be your new favorite," wrote Alexis Castillo for Delish.

Sure, there have also been a number of critics of the brisket, with the chief complaint being about the meat's dryness and toughness. Others have also decried the high price, but overall, the rollout was a success for the company.

But it's a short-lived treat for those who have been evangelizing the new menu item. According to CNN, the brisket will be departing the menu in November, which is sooner than expected. Chipotle usually makes its limited-time menu items available for at least an entire quarter (as was the case with last year's Carne Asada.)

Chipotle CEO Brian Nicol said the brisket's shortened run isn't due to a lack of customer demand or enthusiasm. On the contrary, it seems that the allotted supply of the brisket didn't last as long as the company had hoped, according to FOX 8.

"We're probably ending a little bit shorter than we originally planned, but that's just a direct result of the great response from the consumer and the great execution of our operators," Niccol said. Fortunately, he also had some good news for customers who have come to love the brisket, saying: "I'm guessing we'll probably do brisket again at some point in the future."

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