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Wendy's Just Launched a Brutal Attack on McDonald's

Thrillist logo Thrillist 9/11/2018 Dustin Nelson

A new promotion from Wendy's is a brutal attack on McDonald's in its ongoing feud with the Golden Arches.

The mid-term elections are approaching with its unbearable deluge of attack ads. (Or just totally confusing attacks, like Ted Cruz warning that Beto O'Rourke will bring tofu and dyed hair to Texas.) Well, it looks like Wendy's is running for mayor of Burger Town because it released a vicious ad aimed at McDonald's. 

The video starts with quotes calling the Golden Arches' burgers "dry and... [not] hot enough." It goes on to blame the flash-freezing process the burgers go through using a quote from a Fast Company article. Then it just lists burgers on the McDonald's menu it says are flash frozen. Of course, this is meant to be in contrast to the burgers at Wendy's, which isn't shy about reminding consumers that it never freezes its beef. The attack is part of the chain's promotion where it's offering free burgers through its mobile app every day this month.

The attacks from Wendy's on this particular topic have increased since McDonald's began rolling out fresh beef in its Quarter Pounders

More and more restaurants in the fast food and fast casual world have taken Wendy's lead by using humor in their social media presence. Though, some, like Denny's and Burger King, have kept a lighter touch with most of its posts. Or they've more lovingly trolled, say, the Cleveland Browns, instead of competitors or customers. Wendy's doesn't have what you'd call a light touch. In fact, it ran a somewhat more tame ad -- though in this exact vein -- as a Super Bowl commercial

It might turn some people off to see a restaurant trolling competitors, but it's clearly earned them a loyal following on Twitter. 


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