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What’s the best way to roast marshmallows? See the viral photo sparking a debate

TODAY logo TODAY 5 days ago Kerry Breen
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There's a new food debate that's really firing up people on Twitter this week, and it's all about one of summer's sweetest pastimes: roasting marshmallows.

Though s'mores lovers have been debating this very important question for centuries, the digital discussion got going on Twitter when journalist Yashar Ali posted a photo (which looks strikingly similar to a Food52 picture from 2017) showcasing a beautiful spectrum of marshmallows on sticks, ranging from totally uncooked to burnt black.

Ali claimed that the best options were either numbers 5 or 6 — right in the middle of the color spectrum.

Those marshmallows each have a golden crust, which is obviously achieved by gently roasting them for several minutes, and a tiny bit of char for the perfect, slightly crunchy mouthfeel.

However, as is customary with any legit food debate, tweeters had a lot of different opinions and some people got pretty heated about the perfect marshmallow doneness.

Model-turned-food debate queen Chrissy Teigen eventually weighed in, too, calling Ali's picks "raw" and "plain."

Ali responded to Teigen with an updated position on the very pressing matter.

While most people seemed to be supporting the toastier end of the spectrum, there were a few rare commenters who preferred the less-roasted side.

Others said that their favorite options weren't even featured on the chart.

With thousands of comments on the original thread, and over 1,300 retweets, it's clear that this sweet debate is something a lot of people have pretty serious opinions about. However, it's clear that most people could agree on at least one thing: almost everyone acknowledged that marshmallows — whether gooey, crispy or somewhere in between — are always delicious.

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