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Man, I Truly Feel Sorry For These 19 People Who Had A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Thanksgiving

BuzzFeed 11/28/2022

If you had a rough, no good, terrible Thanksgiving, just remember...

1.The person whose oven spontaneously combusted at the worst possible moment:

u/tree_hair / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/tree_hair / Via

2.The person whose turkey miiiiiiight just be a little overcooked:

u/rflock7 / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/rflock7 / Via

3.The person who will now be pioneering the "5,000 second rule":

u/detestify / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/detestify / Via

4.The person whose ham is absolutely hummed:

u/queenhotsnakes / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/queenhotsnakes / Via

5.The person who is about to play the worst game of bobbing for apples that has ever been played:

u/rylie_is_an_idiot / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/rylie_is_an_idiot / Via

6.The person rockin' the sick new Rachael Ray tat:

u/doyouhaveeyedrops / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/doyouhaveeyedrops / Via

7.The person whose Thanksgiving guest absolutely annihilated their poor, defenseless toilet:

u/zerosleepsamus / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/zerosleepsamus / Via

8.The person who was kind enough to give their oven a big heapin' slice of pie:

u/steamysalmonslab / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/steamysalmonslab / Via

9.The person whose dang teeth were fallin' out in the early hours of Thanksgiving dinner:

u/0hsewcute / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/0hsewcute / Via

10.The person who got the Tiny Tim special at the restaurant:

u/trappedonanescalator / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/trappedonanescalator / Via

11.The person whose cats have it seriously out for delicious pie:

u/verlonica / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/verlonica / Via

12.The person who experienced one of the worst laundry disasters one can experience:

u/massive_wash_9528 / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/massive_wash_9528 / Via

13.The person whose neighbor pulled this wildly perplexing yet frustrating move:

u/allthepoutine / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/allthepoutine / Via

14.The person who loves their child very much, I'm sure:

u/soredickdeal / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/soredickdeal / Via

15.The person whose knife saw unspeakable things at Thanksgiving dinner:

u/thegreatvolcanodiver / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/thegreatvolcanodiver / Via

16.The person who caught hand, foot, and mouth disease right before they were to use their hands and mouths to eat 9 helpings of turkey:

u/ninahbae / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/ninahbae / Via

17.The person whose stairs shall forever be stained with the litter box sand of yesteryear:

u/spidercat50 / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/spidercat50 / Via

18.The person who shall forever be washing dishes:

u/skinow84 / Via © Provided by BuzzFeed u/skinow84 / Via

19.And the person who went to visit their family and found out a litttttle too much about pops:

A tale as old as time. © Provided by BuzzFeed A tale as old as time.
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