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22 Food Puzzles That Will Make You Hungry for Another Piece

Taste of Home logo Taste of Home 1/25/2022 Lisa Kaminski
Cobble Hill Doughnut Puzzle © Via Cobble Hill Doughnut Puzzle

1,000-Piece Doughnut Puzzle

A collection of cute food puzzles wouldn't be complete without doughnuts. This 1,000-piece puzzle will keep the family busy on Sunday mornings as you snack on homemade doughnuts.

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Educa Herbs And Spices Puzzles © Via Educa Herbs And Spices Puzzles

1,500-Piece Herbs & Spices Puzzle

With 1,500 pieces, this herb and spice puzzle is not for the faint of heart. If you succeed in assembling this beaut, you just might need to treat yourself to these spice blends that will transform your cooking!

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Masterpieces Farmers Market Puzzle © Via Masterpieces Farmers Market Puzzle

750-Piece Farmer's Market Puzzle

You can bring your love of the farmer's market home—outside of your reuseable market tote. This adorable puzzle shows off all the things we love about the outdoor market: fresh bakery, produce and even a taco truck.

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Galison Popsicles Puzzle © Via Galison Popsicles Puzzle

500-Piece Popsicle Puzzle

One of the summer's best treats is now in a puzzle. We love the rainbow hues of these ice pops—definitely some inspiration for homemade popsicles.

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Lucky Ramen Puzzle © Via Lucky Ramen Puzzle

1,000-Piece Lucky Ramen Puzzle

Featuring a lucky kitty and a bowl of ramen, this 1,000 piece Sensei puzzle is essential to your growing collection of food puzzles. It also includes trivia and a bonus recipe!

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Galison Cocktails Across America Puzzle © Via Galison Cocktails Across America Puzzle

1,000-Piece Cocktails Across America Puzzle

Unwind at the end of the day with a cocktail and this drink-inspired puzzle. Find out what drink hails from your neck of the woods as you work away at this 1,000 piece puzzle.

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Yummy Puzzles Fast Food Puzzle © Via Yummy Puzzles Fast Food Puzzle

1,000-Piece Fast Food Feast Puzzle

Hot dogs, ketchup, pepperoni pizza, fries and soda—this fast-food puzzle will make your mouth water.

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Galison Andy Warhol Campbells Soup Puzzle © Via Galison Andy Warhol Campbells Soup Puzzle

500-Piece Double-Sided Andy Warhol Soup Can Puzzle

At first blush this puzzle might look pretty simple, but this Warhol-inspired puzzle is two-sided. When you're finished assembling that first can of Campbell's soup, you can take it apart and work this one anew. This is a great one to stay in with—grilled cheese and tomato soup accompaniment highly encouraged.

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White Mountain Betty Crocker Cookbooks Puzzles © Via White Mountain Betty Crocker Cookbooks Puzzles

1,000-Piece Betty Crocker Cookbook Puzzle

Love vintage cookbooks? So do we! This 1,000-piecer will keep you busy and might even inspire you to whip up some retro dishes when you're done.

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Spice It Up Puzzle © Via FitsPuzzles/ Spice It Up Puzzle

Video: Shortcuts and Tips to Boost Your Kitchen Confidence (My Recipes)


1,000-Piece Spice It Up Puzzle

This fiesta puzzle is designed to be framed so that you can adore it forever. Our contest-winning fiesta casserole might just be the fuel you need to get through all 1,000 of its pieces.

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Eeboo Mushroom Puzzle © Via Eeboo Mushroom Puzzle

500-Piece Round Mushroom Puzzle

Make some room in your puzzle collection for this funky mushroom puzzle. The round shape means everyone can join in on the fun at once and admire their work when it's completed—maybe with one of our go-to mushroom recipes.

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Life Is Sweet Puzzle © Via Life Is Sweet Puzzle

1,000-Piece Life Is Sweet Puzzle

This puzzle would make a sweet gift for your favorite baker (along with these other baking gifts). Once they've finished this jigsaw, we're sure they'll be right back in the kitchen whipping up something sweet and decadent.

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Pizza Puzzle © Via Pizza Puzzle

1,000-Piece Pizza Pie Puzzle

Feeling up to a pizza party? After devouring these delicious homemade pizzas, allow your guests to help you out with this pizza pie puzzle.

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Coffee Time Puzzle © Via Coffee Time Puzzle

150-Piece Coffee Tawk MicroPuzzle

Coffee-lover? This coffee-themed MicroPuzzle is for you! (Or, the perfect gift for your coffee-fanatic friend with some of our other gifts for coffee-lovers!) This little cutie is four by six inches and contains 150 pieces.

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Rise & Shine 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle © Via Rise & Shine 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

1,000-Piece Rise and Shine Puzzle

Don't you wish your breakfast was this decadent? This bright and shiny breakfast puzzle seems like the perfect way to pass the time while the coffee is brewing and breakfast is finishing up in the oven.

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Mexican Food Puzzle © Via Mexican Food Puzzle

1,000-Piece Mexican Food Puzzle

If quesadillas are your thing, we found your dream Mexican dinner puzzle! It's got the chips and guacamole, the quesadillas, the salsa and all the fixings.

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Eeboo Tea Party © Via Eeboo Tea Party

500-Piece Round Tea Party Puzzle

No matter which way you look at this puzzle, it's too cute. Assemble this round jigsaw while sipping tea and enjoying tea party favorites.

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Galison Artichoke Puzzle © Via Galison Artichoke Puzzle

500-Piece Artichoke Puzzle

Have you ever seen artichokes look so gorgeous? This puzzle puts the versatile veggie front and center—the same way these artichoke recipes do.

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Bbq Signs Puzzle © Via Bbq Signs Puzzle

1,000-Piece Barbecue Puzzle

When it's not quite the weather outside to barbecue these dishes, stay in with this BBQ puzzle. Maybe you'll spot your favorite barbecue sauce while you put it together.

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Springbok Preserves Puzzle © Via Springbok Preserves Puzzle

1,000-Piece Preserves Puzzles

Love to can? Try out this cute puzzle featuring jams and jellies. It's the perfect summer puzzle to put together when it's just too hot to be outside.

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Springbok's 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Snack Treats © Via Springbok's 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Snack Treats

500-Piece Snack Puzzle

We all have a soft spot for these sugary treats, whether it's a Hostess cupcake or Moon Pie. Get in touch with your inner child with this 500-piece puzzle that will have you craving all the classics.

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Cobble Hill Wine Puzzle © Via Cobble Hill Wine Puzzle

1,000-Piece Wine Alphabet Puzzle

This puzzle has you covered from A to Zinfandel. Be sure to check out our wine guide to cover the rest of the wine world—from dry to sweet.

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