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The Best Kitchen Knives? Let’s Cut to the Chase.

Food52 logo Food52 10/13/2021 Sara Coughlin
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There comes a time in every home cook’s life when they realize they can no longer survive on a single dull, hand-me-down knife alone: It’s time to upgrade, toss that old workhorse of a blade, or invest in a decent sharpener. If you’ve recently come upon this realization in your own cooking, you’ve come to the right place.

While a single chef’s knife can tackle plenty of cutting and chopping on its own, a few additional (and some would argue: just as essential) knives will round out your collection and make you feel all the better prepared to tackle whatever task a recipe may call for. So, in addition to the ever-versatile chef’s blade, a paring knife, serrated knife, and carving knife, to name a few, deserve a spot in your arsenal as well.

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Settling on which kinds of knives you need is one thing, but finding the very best of the bunch is another matter altogether. Here, we’ve cut through the (online shopping) weeds and rounded up our top picks for seven types of essential kitchen knives—vetted by Sur La Table’s Cutlery Buyer, Kelly Smith, and online reviewers.

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Chef Knives

1. Miyabi Birchwood 6” Chef Knife, $299.99

“For both performance and beauty, I reach for the Miyabi Birchwood 6” Chef Knife,” Smith says, and it’s easy to see why: Where its light wood handle and mirror-polished blade provide touches of elegance, its hand-honed Katana edge and high-performance steel construction remind the user that it’s built for a lifetime of precision and strength.

2. Made In 8" Chef Knife, $89

For a knife as all-purpose as a chef’s knife, you want one that’s well-balanced, enduringly sharp, and made from a single piece of steel. Made In’s model, made in Thiers, France, checks all of those boxes at a cost that won’t break the bank. Indeed, many reviewers praised this knife’s sticker price, while others kept things simple and wrote that this, in short, was the best knife they’ve ever used.

Paring Knives

3. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Professional "S" Paring Knife, $111.49

A simple, streamlined design that comes with a lifetime warranty, this paring knife enables precise cutting, slicing, and trimming on a small scale. Reviewers write that, even with daily use, this Zwilling paring knife holds its edge and resists dulling, suggesting that it’s absolutely a worthy investment.

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4. Shun Classic Paring Knife, $104.95

Smith calls this paring knife a key component to her knife collection—and it deserves a place in yours, too. The moisture-resistant handle makes even extended use comfortable and the pointed blade lets the user transition from peeling to trimming to slicing to carving without a second thought. One reviewer wrote they were “pleasantly surprised” by this knife’s efficacy. Turns out good things really do come in small packages.

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Carving Knives

5. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Carving Knife, $162 $129.95

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Sturdy yet slim, this carving knife is available with a 6 or 8-inch blade, but regardless of your choice of length, you can expect swift, ultra-smooth slicing. Thanks to its unique angled bolster, this knife helps you get a comfortable, controlled grip while making use of the entirety of the blade.

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6. Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicer, $159.95

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Although this 9-inch blade was designed with slicing roasts, fish, and other meats in mind, it can just as deftly cut up produce, if that’s more your thing. Oval-shaped indentations along the blade prevent undue friction when cutting and help every piece stay separate from (rather than stick to) the next.

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Boning Knives

7. Global Flexible Boning Knife, $119.99

Another pick from Smith, this boning knife from Global is lightweight and flexible, yet hard enough to slice meat from bone with ease. The handle is meticulously weighted during construction to ensure well-balanced maneuvering and its molded, dimpled design cuts hand cramps and fatigue off before they can start.

8. Wüsthof Classic 8" Artisan Hollow Ground Butcher Knife, $180 $170

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For those willing to splurge on a specialty blade, you don’t get much better than this butcher’s knife, which can debone, slice, joint, and trim, just about any meat or poultry that would find its way into your kitchen. The distinctive, curved blade is actually a scaled-down version of the kind found in professional butcher’s shops and kitchens, striking the perfect balance between approachable and top-quality.

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Bread Knives

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9. Wüsthof Ikon Double Serrated Bread Knife, $180

“With the increase in home baking, it’s more important than ever to have a great bread knife,” Smith says, adding that her go-to is this 9-inch option from Wüstof. Its double-serrated edge leaves a clean cut while keeping crumbs and tears to a minimum, and will stay sharp after repeated, even years’ worth, of use.

10. Five Two Bread Knife, $59

Not only is this knife gorgeous to look at, it’s a pleasure to use: The serrated edge deftly cuts through even the crustiest loaves, leaving the interior intact. This also makes it a great choice if you need to cut up large fruits like melons or pineapple—their tough rinds are no match for the durable Japanese steel blade. Ten percent of proceeds from the knife also go toward the All For Farmers Coalition by Tillamook to support farmers around the U.S.

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Santoku Knives

11. Miyabi Hibana 7” Santoku, $225 $129.99

“Similar to a chef’s knife, but made more for chopping than rocking, the Santoku is an essential for slicing, dicing and mincing,” Smith explains. This striking 7-inch blade is her number-one pick for this variety, but it’s so much more than its looks. Its construction allows for a safe and comfortable pinch grip and a steady, weighted handling experience which makes that chopping motion Smith described all the more accessible.

12. Schmidt Brothers Bonded Teak 7" Santoku Knife, $69.99

A slightly more budget-friendly option in this arena comes from the Schmidt Brothers, boasting a seamless, curved handle for ease of use and a rust-resistant, hand-ground blade. One reviewer described how easy cutting felt with this knife, perhaps a nod to the brand’s claim that it combines the best that chef’s knife and cleaver have to offer, all in one tidy package.

Steak Knives

13. Opinel Wooden Handle Steak Knives, $129–$189

This set of steak knives lends a stylish flair to everyday dining thanks to its wooden handles, available in three varieties. These knives have tiny serrated teeth that make slicing through dinner a breeze and they require little in order to stay sharp. They also fold up for safe and easy storage.

14. Kai Luna 4-Piece Steak Knife Set, $26.39

From Japanese manufacturer Kai’s more budget-friendly Kai Luna line comes this set of steak knives, complete with hammered detailing on the blades for easier release while cutting. While the blades might catch your eye at first (and back up their appearance with smooth handling), it’s the handles with comfy rubberized inserts that will make you want these knives in your home.

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