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The Local’s Guide to the Best Diners Across America

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I grew up in the Northeast, where diners are almost as common as pizzerias. The diner I grew up near was 24/7, serving breakfast all-day, and classically decorated, with booths and huge menus and a counter. While diners are less prevalent in the South, they still are definitely around and they always remind you of a slice of home. Whenever I was sick or stressed or just couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, an order of chocolate chip pancakes and a vanilla milkshake from the diner always hit the spot.

Diners mean burgers, breakfast, and milkshakes to me (and the occasional gyro). While diners aren’t everywhere (or may have a different name), this list has establishments that serve those staples. Hopefully you’ve been to, or heard of, the diner from your home state on this list. As an American favorite, there are always so many to choose from. I asked residents from each of the 50 states (and DC) where their personal favorite diner was growing up (and even now). There is even a restaurant in Paris opened by expats that attempts to recreate the vibe of an American diner-the lines are consistently out the door!

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