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This Nebraska fast-food chain sells a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich — and you'll want to drop everything to get your hands on it

INSIDER logoINSIDER 6/13/2018 (Nian Hu)

a plate of food on a table: Cheese Frenchee © Provided by Business Insider Inc Cheese Frenchee Nebraska isn't usually considered one of the top foodie spots in the country. However, it seems like we've been overlooking something important this whole time.

This oft-underappreciated state is the birthplace and home of the Cheese Frenchee, a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich that you can buy for less than $5 at the fast-food restaurant chain Don & Millie's.

Established in Omaha in 1989, Don & Millie's currently has eight locations across Nebraska.

Most of the menu items are standard fare (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and chicken fingers) but the Cheese Frenchee — a grilled cheese sandwich cut into four triangles, dipped in batter, and deep-fried — is unlike anything most of us have seen before.

Nobody really knows why the sandwich is called the "Cheese Frenchee."

According to Food & Wine, some think that it's because it looks a little bit like a Croque Monsieur, a fried ham and cheese sandwich that is French in origin.

a cut in half sandwich sitting on top of a paper plate: Croque monsieur. © Provided by Business Insider Inc Croque monsieur. What people do know, however, is that the Cheese Frenchee has been part of local Nebraskan food scene since the 1950s. Food & Wine reported that the Cheese Frenchee was first invented by the founders of a restaurant called King's Food Host in Lincoln, Nebraska.

While King's Food Host — the restaurant that came up with the dish — is no longer around, the Cheese Frenchee still exists.

Two regional fast-food chains — Amigos/Kings Classic and Don & Millie's — continue to serve the beloved deep-fried grilled cheese that has captured the hearts of so many Nebraskan residents.

Aside from the famous Cheese Frenchee, Don & Millie's also sells a variety of other dishes including taco salads, chili dogs, and baked potatoes. But for those visiting from out of state, it's worth ordering the Cheese Frenchee to see what the hype is all about.




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