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7 Ways to Cook a Better Steak

Men's Health Logo By Nicole Russin-McFarland of Men's Health | Slide 1 of 8: <p>Buy bone-in steaks whenever possible. The bones in cuts like the Porterhouse keep the muscle fibers stretched. When heat hits the meat, these fibers want to shrink.</p><p>If these fibers can’t shrink, due to the bone, the meat stays tender.</p><p>– K.C. Fazel, executive chef of TENDER Steak & Seafood at Luxor</p><p>No matter what cut of beef you’re cooking, you can use this <a href="">Super-Easy Hack to Make Any Steak More Tender</a>.</p>

7 Ways to Cook a Better Steak

The Las Vegas food scene sure can be gaudy: the Denny’s wedding chapel, the countless Hooters knock-offs, the endless buffets. But if you look harder, the city sizzles up some amazing meals. One category: high-end steak. Lucky for you, these top chefs at great Vegas steak houses are willing to divulge a few of their trade secrets to help you sear better steak at home. Jackpot.

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