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How to Cut an Onion — the *Rachael Ray* Way

Rachael Ray Show logo Rachael Ray Show 1/10/2018 Rose Marie Walano
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Ask — and you may receive an unexpected answer!

It honor of our Mailbag Episode, we took questions from you, our dear audience, and Rach couldn't resist this one from Sawyer, North Dakota-based viewer Susan:

What's the right way to cut an onion?

Well, Rach had news for Susan! While she was more than happy to show her how it's done, she confesses — she does not do it the so-called "right" way!

"This is ironic, because I do not correctly chop an onion!" says Rach.

Which is to say, she puts her own, Rach-approved spin on it.

As she demonstrates in the video, Rachael starts the traditional way — by slicing the onion in half from top to root, making sure to keep the "head" (i.e. the part that has little "hairs" popping out). Then, she chops off the root and peels the skin. (And if you peel back more than one layer? Rach says don't sweat it!)

After that, while a culinary teacher would teach you to cut into the onion towards your arm, then dice from the top, Rach says to make the most of nature and start cutting from the top.

"The onion came out of the ground already in layers, so why am I cutting towards my own arm to put more layers in where nature has already done that?" says Rach.

A very valid point!

And for the record, Rach says NO, you can't cut onions without crying! But hey, what's a few happy tears in an exchange for a delicious meal, are we right?

Plus, she notes, "If you look all teary, people are going to want to help you and do the dishes for you!"

We like where your head's at, Rach! 


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