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You Can Make Bread In Your Slow-Cooker!

Delish logo Delish 8/21/2017 Lauren Miyashiro


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What can't a slow cooker do? Honestly, I ask myself this questions semi-regularly. Not only does it turn tough cuts of meat into fall-off-the-bone dinners, it also churns out crazy awesome desserts, like brownies and cheesecake. At this point, it should come as no surprise that you can also make bread in a slow-cooker … but it still blows my mind.

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If you're a person that likes making bread, kudos to you. It's a pastime that I do not find very fun. I have zero patience for proofing yeast and letting dough rise. For anyone that can relate, this recipe is for you! Unlike most bread recipes out there, you don't need to proof the yeast. Simply stir it with all the other ingredients, knead everything into a ball, and throw the ball into the slow cooker! That's it.

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You'll be able to see the dough rise in the slow cooker almost immediately, but it'll take an hour and a half or more until it's fully cooked through. Full disclaimer: it doesn't get much color on top. The bottom will turn a nice shade of golden in the slow cooker, but to achieve that same crust on top, you'll need to broil the loaf for a couple minutes.

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How does it taste? Like a good loaf of white bread! It's nothing fancy, but it's absolutely perfect for sandwiches or toast.

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