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The top 10 ways to burn more calories

Men's Fitness Logo By Pete Williams, C.P.T. of Men's Fitness | Slide 1 of 11

Nobody wants to count calories, try to reduce weight, or reach an optimal body composition by consuming less. That’s not enjoyable; it’s also not sustainable. Just watch any bodybuilder demolish half a Wendy’s menu hours after a competition.

Instead, think about burning calories as a 24-hour endeavor that you can achieve both in and out of the gym. Put another way: You can burn calories directly (via daily workout) and “indirectly,” via lifestyle changes that will jack up your metabolism and make your body a lean, fat-burning machine.

Here are 10 ways to burn more calories throughout the day, both inside the gym and out.

Pete Williams is a N.A.S.M.-certified personal trainer and the author or co-author of a number of books on performance and training.

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