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Model Posts Photos Showing Off Baby Bump, But Nobody Believes She’s 6 Months Pregnant logo 6/18/2019 Ileana Paules-Bronet
a woman sitting on a beach posing for the camera: belle-lucia-baby-bump © Instagram / Belle Lucia belle-lucia-baby-bump

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that you should never ask a pregnant woman about her body. All expecting women carry babies differently, which means a baby bump will look different on everyone.

Belle Lucia, an Australian model, is six months pregnant with her first child. She can’t wait to welcome her baby. Over the past few months, she’s shared tons of pregnancy photos and updates with her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Throughout her pregnancy, Belle’s baby bump has been pretty small. Belle is very fit, so her bump doesn’t “pop” very much. That hasn’t stopped her from sharing a ton of adorable pregnancy photos on Instagram.

Many of her followers think her belly is so tiny that there’s no way she’s pregnant — and they’ve shared their opinions in the comments section.

Belle isn’t just sitting by as people criticize her for having a small baby bump, though. She’s been sharing her thoughts in order to shut down the trolls.

a woman taking a selfie © Instagram / Belle Lucia

The typically-glamorous model has made sure to show her followers everything she’s been through this pregnancy. And recently, she was excited to announce that she’s officially six months pregnant!

a group of people posing for the camera © Instagram / Belle Lucia

Unfortunately, some of Belle’s followers took it upon themselves to leave rude messages about the size of her baby bump. “I don’t think your baby is healthy AT ALL,” one woman wrote.

a screenshot of a cell phone © Instagram / Belle Lucia

Other people criticized her for not gaining enough wait. One woman called her “narcissistic” and “cruelly selfish” for not having a bigger bump, claiming she’s trying to stay thin to look pretty.

© Instagram / Belle Lucia

Belle didn’t stay silent either — she took to her Instagram stories to call out the trolls for their criticism. She shared a video of herself doing a hair flip and wrote that her critics were living a “sad life.”

a woman posing for a picture © Instagram / Belle Lucia

In addition to shutting down her haters on Instagram, Belle took to her YouTube channel to do a Pregnancy Q+A. She answered all sorts of questions about her experience being pregnant.

a woman wearing underwear posing for a picture © Instagram / Belle Lucia

Belle still has a few months of pregnancy left, but she definitely can’t wait to be a mom. She and her partner are excited to become parents together.


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