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This is the simplest way to declutter your whole home without getting sidetracked

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That's where the CORE 4 decluttering tip can help.

What is the CORE 4 method?

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Kayleen Kelly is a professional organiser who specialises in chronic clutter and clients with ADHD. To help make life easier for her clients, she came up with the CORE 4 method, which breaks down the task of decluttering into 4 easy steps: clear out, categorise, cut out, and contain.

Following these steps will keep your eye on the prize (a clean home), stay focused, and, most notably, finish the job. There's no quitting when using this technique. 

Choose a room in your house, follow the four steps and don't move on to another room until it's done. 

Here’s a little more detail about how each step works. 

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How the CORE 4 decluttering tip works

Clear out

Every item in your home should have a place. This first step involves removing everything from the room that doesn't belong there. Speaking to Livingetc, Kayleen explains how she does this. 

"I use bins assigned to each room to collect items that belong in other areas of the home and set them aside to be rehomed later. This allows you to quickly collect and clear out the items without jumping around your house trying to put things away," she says.


Once you've cleaned out everything that doesn't belong in the room, it's time to take stock of everything you own. You might need to do this in sections. Still, the idea is to take all of your items and put them into categories. Doing this will make the next step even more manageable. 

Cut out

This is where Marie Kondo comes in. Working through each category, make a quick decision and decide whether you want to keep or eliminate it. If you spend more than three seconds deciding if you will keep an item, it stays (for now). 


It's time to give them a designated home. Make sure you keep and store all items in their categories, making them easy to find and pack away. 

And there you have it, you're done. 

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