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'Little did I know' - When you don't hide anything from your super-observant daughters

It's all fun and games until a kid decides to drop a truth bomb, and that is exactly what happened in this video. Surfacing from Kitchener, Canada, this comical clip features Maddison Meyer's daughter telling her that she wants to be a boy and that's when things take a crazy turn. When Maddison asks her why wouldn't she want to be a girl, her other daughter enters the scene and blames mom's 'period' for them not wanting to grow up as girls. "I was talking to my girls about their boy cousins and they said they wanted to be boys playfully and innocently, so I started recording," the filmer told WooGlobe. "Little did I know what my older daughter had in mind." This wacky interaction has been a big hit on TikTok, racking up over 2.5 million likes in under a month. Undoubtedly, the older one's 'real talk' ended up resonating with many. Name: Maddison Meyer Location: Kitchener, Canada Filmed on: 2022-12-27 WooGlobe Ref : WGA892157
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