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Mom Starts Twitter War After Blaming Men for Unwanted Pregnancies logo 9/18/2018 Lisa René LeClair
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Gabrielle Blair is a mother of six and a Mormon who says she has "a good understanding of arguments surrounding abortion, religious and otherwise." She's also convinced that men have "zero interest in stopping abortion”—at least that's what she said on Twitter in a series of viral tweets that went on and on (and on) to prove her point.

"If you want to stop abortion," says Blair, "you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies."

Blair says she blames the unwanted pregnancies on the "irresponsible ejaculations" of men. "Don’t believe me? Let me walk you through it," she adds, triggering an online lecture with more than 6,000 comments.

"Let’s start with this," writes Blair. "Women can only get pregnant about 2 days each month. And that’s for a limited number of years. That makes 24 days a year a woman might get pregnant. But men can cause pregnancy 365 days a year. In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily."

If her math is correct, Blair says (in theory) that a man could cause 1,000-plus unwanted pregnancies in just one year—or better yet, “unwanted pregnancies from puberty till death,” even though their sperm “gets crappier as they age.”

For those of you wondering, “Why can’t women just use birth control,” Blair has that covered as well.

Though she admits to using birth control herself, stating, “modern birth control is possibly the greatest invention of the last century, and I am very grateful for it,” Blair says the side effects for many women are brutal. “So ridiculous,” she adds, “that when an oral contraception for men was created, it wasn’t approved ... because of the side effects.”

When an oral contraception for men was created, it wasn’t approved ... because of the side effects.

Not only that, but Blair says the list of side effects for the men’s version was only about 1/3 as long as those for women's oral contraception.

She then goes on say that, even though women are willing to tough it out and suffer the “horrible side effects,” getting your hands on a prescription is harder (and way more expensive) than it should be.

“It’s not free, and often not cheap,” says Blair, though, she adds that she's still grateful for it.

There are at least 30 more tweets that follow—covering everything from basic biology to the pleasure and pain of sex—explaining why using condoms makes a lot more sense if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

“Men are willing to risk the life, health and well-being of women in order to experience a tiny bit more pleasure for like 5 seconds during orgasm,” says Blair.

She ends her rant with a direct message to the men who “run our government,” stating they [men] could “eliminate abortions in 3 months or less without ever touching an abortion law or even mentioning women” if they would “stop trying to control women's bodies and sexuality."

Don’t even get us started on the comments that followed.


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