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Ninja Warrior's first attempt at a WILD 5.10m Lache ends on a SPLASHING note

You know you're on a whole different level when even your fails/botches look insanely cool. And guess what? The star of this video happens to be on THAT level! Emanating from Rehovot, Israel, this mindblowing clip shows Yehonatan Biton trying his luck with a long Lache. He establishes his grip on the first bar by swinging on it. Once he lets go of it and gets his hands on the next bar, he fails to hold on to it and goes into the water below. "I was at the Israel Lachey Championship and this was the last jump at 5.10m," Yehonatan shared with WooGlobe. "This was my first of two tries. I had a relatively weak swing. Despite that, I still caught the bar but flew off because of the power I had." Name: Ofir Jacubovich Location: Rehovot, Israel Filmed on: 2022-10-22 WooGlobe Ref : WGA013596
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