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🌱 How I've Changed & Changed My Life ft. 5 Stages of Change

Here's how I've changed my life over the past couple of years. I always get insanely inspired this time of year, especially on this specific day. Though it's officially 2:37am in NYC, it's still September 10th somewhere 🙃 Article: How The Stages of Change Model Helps You Change Your Habits (LifeHacker) Video references - will update this tomorrow hehe I so tired. ••• If you’re at all curious: ⇨ My spiritual practice, Falun Dafa ⇨ If you're interested in reading more, start with this to get an understanding of what qigong entails ⇨ The main text we read is Zhuan Falun* *Best to read start to finish in the shortest time possible for the highest benefit. ⇨ If you want to learn more about Falun Dafa and qigong, check out local contacts in your area - there are practitioners globally and in most big enough-ish cities: ⇨ My friend Chris over at China Uncensored made an incredibly informative video on what Falun Dafa is and why it's being persecuted in China (YT video): ••• Equipment: ⇨ Camera: ⇨ Tripod: ⇨ Edit: Final Cut Pro X ••• Don't be a stranger ♡ ⇨ Subscribe: ⇨ Instagram: ⇨ Email:
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