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RimWorld: How to Get Kibble

GameRant logo GameRant 8/5/2022 John Higgs
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RimWorld challenges players to turn a group of stranded colonists on a remote world into a safe, stable, and thriving colony. Along the way, they'll face dangers ranging from hunger and pirate raids to disease and insectoid invasions.

Taming and raising animals can be very useful in RimWorld, providing colonists with meat, milk, wool, eggs, company, and protection. However, feeding pets or farm animals can be tricky and a waste of resources. Most herd animals can feed themselves through grazing, but for carnivores or animals in biomes where grazing isn't an option, the best way to feed animals is with Kibble.

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How to Get Kibble in RimWorld

Kibble is RimWorld's generic animal feed and has several advantages over feeding animals with Meals. Firstly, Kibble can be produced very easily, using just a Butcher Spot, though a Butcher Table will produce more.

A colonist also doesn't need any special RimWorld traits or cooking skills to produce Kibble, though they will get Cooking XP with each batch. Kibble can be made with the most basic of ingredients, requiring only 1 vegetable item and 1 animal product for each batch.

When it comes to choosing ingredients, players have more choices with Kibble than they do when making Meals for colonists. Haygrass can be used as the vegetable ingredient in Kibble, a fast-growing and plentiful crop that is inedible to humans.

Additionally, it's safe to use human or insect meat as an animal product ingredient. Although colonists take a significant penalty to Mood in RimWorld for consuming human or insect meat, animals take no such penalty.

When to Use Kibble in RimWorld

Kibble is a fantastic resource for any colony that has animals to feed, particularly if they're meat-eaters. Kibble doesn't spoil, so there's no reason to refrigerate or preserve it like most foods and Herbal Medicine in RimWorld.

It's also very quick to make and has no chance of a bad cook accidentally making it poisonous, so it can safely be used to train a low-level chef.

Taming and training animals in RimWorld requires not only a colonist with good Animals skill but also small amounts of food as a temptation and reward. Kibble is one of the best foodstuffs for this purpose as, unlike raw meat or vegetables, it is an acceptable food for all animals.

Finally, Kibble can be used to satisfy colonists' need for food but should only be used like this in the direst circumstances. Not only will colonists take a major Mood debuff from eating Kibble, but they will take an additional debuff if it was made with human or insect meat.

RimWorld is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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