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Woman Swears by 'Dollar Store' Find That's Magical for Weight Loss

Calorie Bee logo Calorie Bee 1/30/2023 Mandi Jacewicz
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We rarely think about going to the dollar store for a weight loss aid. We more often associate the product she's buying with our grandparents than a diet plan. TikTok content creator @ruthkaufman2 shares how she dropped a few pounds with this budget-friendly find.

It's all-natural and chemical-free, too!

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Too funny! She’s drinking Dollar Tree prune juice for weight loss. And she tells us we need to buy the brand that comes from Dollar Tree only. And she's giving us a challenge. If you don't believe her, just try it for 30 days and see if you lose weight, too. She's selling it pretty well, by telling us that it works much better than any of the pharmaceutical diet aids and that it's all-natural too. If you don't feel you can drink a whole container of the juice, you can always get some whole prunes instead. We're not sure if this will work for weight loss, but if you're regularly constipated, it should help to keep things moving through your body in a timely manner.

The audience wasn't sold on this plan. Viewer @Jamie commented, “This would be great if I didn’t have a job on the road. I would be pooping my pants.” And @ruthkaufman2 replied, “Haha yes, depends on your situation for sure,” Yes, indeed. Viewer @diannamarieelaine said, “I love prune juice, but I drank one of those and spent 4 hours going back and forth to the toilet lol so don't go anywhere after drinking it.” That’s a smart plan. Viewer @David commented, “Draino for humans.” That’s funny and quite accurate.

If nothing else is working for you, this may be worth a try. But take the advice of those in the audience and make sure you're close to home when you do.


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