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Brothers Overcome as They Meet Baby For First Time

A mother recorded her two oldest sons’ reaction as they met their baby brother for the first time in St Vincent’s Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama, on July 27. In the video, recorded by Shelby Bosworth, dad Ryan can be seen opening the door to let the two boys, Brayden and Braxton, enter the room. As they meet their brother for the first time, the reaction is immediate: Brayden’s jaw drops and Braxton chuckles before tearing up. “It’s okay,” Ryan Bosworth is heard saying to the boy, “go see him.” Bosworth told Storyful that the boys were “very excited to meet him.” She published the emotional scene to her TikTok account with the caption: “Sweet brothers meeting KJ for the first time!” Credit: Shelby Bosworth via Storyful
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