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Career Coach Office Hours January 28 2022 |

f you have a question about your #jobsearch #hiringstaff #management #leadership #workplace issues or anything work for that matter, join me at 9:15 AM Eastern and put your question into chat. You can also email questions to TheBigGameHunter(at) and put the phrase "Office Hours" into the subject line and I will answer it on my next show. #careercoachofficehours #careercoaching #careercoach #jobsearchtips #jobsearchadvice #interviews #hiring #managingpeople #leadershipskills 00:00 Intro & Coffee Toast 05:01 Is it okay for a hiring software company to tell its applicants to build an app for free that they would normally charge for and also give out the source code as part of the hiring process? 06:05 How do you avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup? 08:37 Do recruiters have a say in hiring? 10:22 What should you do if you hire a programmer who is better than the founder (CTO) of the startup? 11:14 How do I get started in finding and using a virtual assistant? 12:08 How lucrative is a career as a recruitment consultant? 15:05 How can I become a great CEO in such a short time? 16:17 When can one negotiate profit sharing with a company? 17:13 What are the consequences of lying to recruiters about the current salary? 20:08 I took early retirement a while ago and need to return to the workforce, but while I've emailed thousands of resumes, I haven't gotten a single interview. Are there any suggestions? 22:08: How do you update LinkedIn to say "Looking for Work?" 22:59 What do I need to add to my resume? I have sent it to a few companies like 1 month ago but I never got invited to a job interview! Do I need to delete something or to highlight words or sections or to add? How I can boost it more? 24:07 I got feedback from a recent interview that I did well on my interview BUT I didn't have any comprehensive event management in a professional environment. Any idea of what to say or do in this case because a majority of my work is been either freelancer volunteer? 30:14 If a new job seems very different after the first day than what you were led to believe during the interview process, what is a reasonable amount of time to stick with it before finding something else? 33:07 How do you get job experience if employers only hire people with experience?
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