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Car Crash Inspired My 211lb Weightloss | Brand New Me

A FORMERLY obese man weighing over 400lbs has lost half his body weight - and now runs half marathons and competes in bodybuilding. At his heaviest Jordan Grahm, from LA, California, weighed in at 421lbs. Doctors told Jordan he was eating himself to death but he ignored the warnings, depressed and determined to keep eating, because of a tragedy early on in his life. Overweight since he was a little boy, by the time he was 13, Jordan estimates he was 100lbs bigger than everyone else his age. His mother would encourage Jordan to lose weight but she unexpectedly died in her sleep when Jordan was just 14. Angry with the injustice of his mother’s passing, Jordan’s depression propelled him to drugs, alcohol and food to numb his pain. He would go to the drive thru at least twice a day and consume 10,000 calories a day. If it hadn’t been for a major car crash at 3am one March morning, Jordan might have not been alive today. It was the wakeup call he needed to realise his life was worth living. The next day Jordan woke up and started walking his dog Blackberry in the neighbourhood and began making switches to his diet. In a year he lost 100lbs. At his lowest, Jordan weighed 209lbs – losing half of his body weight. Aside from his incredible health gains, Jordan’s daily fitness walks also helped him find love. Neighbour Kelli had noticed Jordan and Blackberry on their daily walks and asked Jordan on a double date. They quickly became inseparable and when Jordan had excess skin removal surgery, Kelli was right on hand. The couple recently wed - with both dogs part of the ceremony - and are now looking forward to the next stage of their life: first up running a half marathon together.
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