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Get shredded like Zac Efron in 'Baywatch'

It’s one thing to train someone to look like a superhero if they start off with Herculean genetics. But to take a guy from normal-looking to Rock-like in a few short months—drug-free? That’s the Holy Grail of fitness. Over 20 years in the business, L.A.-based trainer Patrick Murphy has pulled off just this feat with dozens of stars, including the once-skinny Tobey McGuire and the formerly-doughy Jason Segal. His most impressive accomplishment, though, was morphing Zac Efron into the guy who stood shirtless next to Dwayne-freakin’-Johnson in 2017’s Baywatch—and held his own. How did he pull it off? “All my clients follow the Murphy Rules,” he says. For a little more clarity, I met with the 47-year-old trainer at the sleekly understated Hollywood gym where he conducts business so he could take me through the kind of workout he used to get Efron into life-saving form. Albert Hammond Jr., singer, songwriter, and a guitarist for seminal rock band The Strokes (and one of Murphy's clients), joined the Men's Health crew for a rundown of the routine.
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